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The expertise of Bialetti in the world of coffee, which was affirmed for the first time in 1933 with the launch of Moka Espresso, has remained unchanged over time. Always in the faithful respect of its own tradition but, thanks to constant investment in innovation, it has triggered that important process of aesthetic evolution of the classic “Moka”: and thus are designed new products such as Dama and Break, coffee makers with more rounded shapes, born in 1995 through the creativity of the renowned industrial designer Pino Spagnolo.

In more recent years, more exclusive models of coffee makers have given continuity to the prestige of the brand such as the innovative Brikka and the elegant Dama Gran Galà. A further example, within the framework of innovation of the product, is represented by Mokona, which in 2006 has established the entry of Bialetti Industrie in the compartment of electrical machines for espresso coffee: a modern instrument – but one that is characterised by a retro design inspired by Moka Express – with the innovative  trivalent features (capsules, pods and ground coffee), which has made it immediately a flagship product in the relevant market and a top seller in the category.

The last great step made by Bialetti, on its path of innovation, was its debut in the sector of closed-system coffee machines, with the project “Bialetti Caffè d’Italia”, resulting in a survey conducted on the perception of the brand by consumers, which showed that they had already for a long time spontaneously associated the Bialetti brand to true coffee production through coffee makers or espresso machines.

In 2010 Bialetti Industrie had thus decided to really penetrate the market, patenting a unique and inimitable capsule equipped with an aluminium body, ideal for preserving the aroma of the coffee. The Bialetti capsules, proposed in the six blends Milano, Venezia, Torino, Roma, Napoli and Italia Deca – that are the result of careful research carried out on the preferred taste of Italians, quite different from region to region – which adapt to the new closed system electric machines Diva and Mini Express as well as the latest models of open system machines represented by Mokissima and Tazzissima. At the same time, the prestige of Bialetti shines brightly even in cookware thanks to the birth of the Donatello line equipped with the exclusive Petravera non-stick lining.  I

n the course of 2013, moreover, Bialetti launched Bialetti Dolce Chef, line dedicated to the world of pastry and composed of four segments: moulds in carbon steel, silicone moulds, accessories for diverse preparations and decorations. In 2014 Bialetti presented Moka Induction, an extraordinary innovation in the sector of traditional coffee: it is in fact the first Moka suitable to be used also on induction tops, which combines two high-quality materials such as the aluminium alloy of the cover and holder and the stainless steel of the boiler and the funnel.





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