Coffee machines for home or office
Automatic espresso machines provides you cup after cup of coffee made from coffee beans, freshly ground at the touch of a button.
Professional coffee machines
We offer a range of electronic, semi-automatic and manual machines that can capture the most authentic essence of Italian espresso.
The careful choice of origins and balance blend will allow you to taste a surprisingly aromatic and smooth cup of coffee.
Highest grade Flavored Syrup, Sauce and Powder with various flavor, quality stability compared with other flavored syrup brands.
Intuitive controls mean less time spent training, and faster blends mean improved speed of service and happy repeat customers. Time is money. Let’s make more of both.
The coffee machine is only one of many important prerequisites for making perfectly smooth and creamy milk froth. The right accessories are just as important.
Coffee solutions

Procaffe – The leading total coffee solutions provider with over 50% consumer are from 4 – 5 stars hotels nationwide. . We are specialize in importing and distributing coffee machines, coffee grinders, Italia coffee, spare part, and perfect services that you need.

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