Warranty Policy

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1. We warrant that this newly manufactured appliance(s) was/were free from defects at the time it/they was/were handed over to you by your dealer.

2. Warranty time (from the purchased date)

– 12 months for coffee machines, coffee grinders and other appliances.

– 36 months for Vitamix’s motors (no warranty for containers and blades).

3. Should you require warranty service, please arrange for the appliance(s) to be delivered to the nearest Procaffe care center. Please ensure that the packing container is in perfect condition and is suitable for safely transporting the appliance (original packing container). Inside the packing container, you should enclose your complete address together with a brief description of the fault. Please also include an original purchase document (sales receipt, invoice) and warranty card, duly compiled, to prove that you are entitled to warranty service, at your own risk and expense.

4. Procaffe will not be liable for any injuries of damages that may be directly of indirectly caused to persons, pets or property as a result of failure to observe the safety rules provided in the instruction booklet, especially those concerning installation, use, and maintenance of the appliance(s).


– Please kindly send back this bottom part to our company within 15 days from the purchased date.

– In warranty time and at Procaffe service center(s).

– Procaffe will remedy any defects detected in this appliance at no additional charge and within a reasonable amount of time after being notified of the defected themselves. Procaffe reserves the right to conclude whether the claimed fault is entitled to warranty service or not by Procaffe authorized technician.

– Any servicing performed on the appliance under the warranty will not result in an extension or renewal of the warranty. A replaced part will automatically become Procaffe’s property.


– Rendered defective as a result of misuse, negligence or carelessness either in their use or storage (e.g. failure to follow the instructions for using the appliance).

– Rendered defective as result of improper installation, maintenance or repairs performed by unauthorized persons or which have been damaged during transport.

– With defects not ascribable to faulty workmanship, but rather to the wear and tear that occurs during normal use of the appliance (in particular, buildup of scale and deterioration of parts subject to wear, such as, for example, gaskets, grinder disks or water filters).

– That performs inefficiently as result of the use of spare parts other than those manufactured by original producers. – That has been damaged by lightning discharges, humidity, fire, incompatible voltages or any other cause not objective ascribable to the manufacturer.

Note: We wish to draw your attention to the fact that appliance setting (e.g. water temperature, fineness of grind) according to the place where the appliance is to be sold: hence, we shall accept no claims connection with or requests to modify these settings. In addition, no warranty claims will be accepted in the case of improper use and/or operation outside the usage parameters stated by manufacturers, explicitly exclude professional use. Professional use is defined as use at a frequency that exceeds the normal, average domestic use for which the appliance was designed.

In case, there are any inconsistencies between Vietnamese and English, Vietnamese is decisive.


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