Bestmax BWT

Bestmax BWT

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Wega has embrace a multi functional water filtration system to ensure top technology and effective protection against scale deposits. The system is tailormade for coffee machines and optimizes the water quality, ensuring that your water is free of particles, taste excellent and has no odour. The aroma of speciality coffees in particular benefits from this

Considering that water is the main ingredient (99.5%) of an espresso shot, a better water

Is healthier for your body

Protect the vital parts of your espresso machines

Produces more steam even at lower temperatures

Comes from a filter cartridge that is recyclable


Top technology

5 filtration level

Including filtration of bypass water

Extremely constant water quality

Can be mounted either horizontally or vertically


Connection  technology

Universal filter head for all filter sizes and with 3/8” external thread

Direct one off bypass setting at the filter head

Automatic shut off valve when changing filter

Pivoting wall mounting



Replacement filter cartridges in V, M, L, XL and XXL

Digital “acquarmeter” to monitor the filter’s capacity and life span

Hot drinks test kit to determine the carbonate hardness and total hardness of drinking water

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